Sue M.

An internationally renowned Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Remote Kinesiologist, NLP practitioner, NLP Hypnotherapist & President of Holistic Mun, Sue M. is endowed with an all-encompassing passion for holistic health. She brings over 20+ years of professional experience in the fashion & beauty industry combined with rigorous training in the Eastern Healing Arts.

Sue enthusiastically embraces her philosophy that “true beauty is radiant health” and that "wellness and beauty begin from within." A highly skilled practitioner of both Eastern and Western Arts and Sciences, Sue earned her Certified Holistic Health Certification (AADP) from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2004. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science with a double major in Finance & International Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Sue also uses her business expertise to consult and create international joint venture partnerships in the realm of beauty, health, tech and entertainment.

Sue’s mastery of Eastern disciplines is equally admirable. In 2006, Sue was conferred the title Sabumnim (Master of Ki Gong) from the Tao Institute. She shares with her clients this ancient Korean form of cultivating life-force energy that involves breathing, meditation and specific exercises for whole-body health, balancing muscles & joints, vitality and healing. It is a remarkable healing martial art that keeps you ageless.

Sue is delighted to provide each client with a comprehensive life-enhancing and custom tailored program that is a unique blend of ancient modalities and modern science.

In 2008, Sue joined the distinguished Perricone MD Flagship team in New York City and quickly became a highly sought after Esthetician whose clientele included an exclusive powerhouse roster including Dr. Perricone himself.

What makes Sue’s facial treatments so unique are her accurate face readings to help identify unresolvable issues. She helps identify intricate skin conditions, beauty concerns and oftentimes health correlations related to accelerated aging. Her ability to understand exactly what your face and body need to look younger and regenerate optimally is priceless.

Unlike many facials that leave you red and inflamed after a session, Sue’s facials leave your skin clearer and more radiant upon leaving the treatment facility, incorporating her anti-inflammatory approach to aging.

As Sue states: "The key idea behind wellness and ultimately beauty is that of attentiveness and awareness ~ whether it’s attention to a skin-care regime, a fitness routine or a healthy diet. We start to think about what we eat, what we put on our skin and how we respect the body. Small steps, small interventions - it’s simpler than one would think. By combining both Eastern and Western traditions, we ensure that the body, mind and spirit are wholly engaged for optimum benefit."